High Flight

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth

And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings.

The high untrespassed sanctity of space,

Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

- John Gillespie Magee, Jr.

May dreams take flight in memory of Noah.

Noah is the son of Jose and Emily and the big brother of Isabel. He was a student at Windermere Primary, Highland Park Elementary, and Park Crest Middle schools in Pflugerville. He was in Scouts and played the sax in band. Noah loved gaming, fencing, reading, coin collecting, and traveling.

Our sweet boy left this world too soon at the age of 13. We realized Noah had left behind a beautiful legacy when so many friends and classmates told us how Noah would often stop what he was doing to help them in class and always with a smile on his face!

We started the scholarship fund because Noah had a dream strong enough for us to share. He planned to pursue aerospace engineering at UT-Austin, fly jets for the military, and travel the world. Our hope is to continue Noah's love of learning and his kindness by helping the dreams of others take flight.  

The Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded over 40 scholarships to high school graduates - so many college experiences that Noah is now a small part of at campuses throughout the US. In Noah's short 13 years, he made this world a better place and he continues to do so as we award the achievements of our recipients each year in his memory. 

Noah's Tree

Park Crest Middle School

Noah's tree was planted at PCMS in May 2013. Friends donated money for a memorial that included books for the PCMS and Highland Park Elementary libraries.

Noah's Gifts

Park Crest Middle School

For his Eagle Scout Project, Joe Davis of Troop 711 built a book deposit and bench in honor of his best friend Noah. Joe presented the gifts to PCMS staff in February 2017.

Noah's Bench

Lake Pflugerville

In 2017, Noah's bench was placed in front of the playscape and gazebo for a beautiful view of Lake Pflugerville, which was home of our three Noah's Wings 5k.

Pflugerville High School

Class of 2017

Honorary Graduate

In gratitude...

  • Thank you PHS for including Noah in the graduation ceremony.

  • Thank you to the graduate who carried Noah's gift box; you held all our hopes for this day and we are grateful for your grace.

  • Thank you to the person who announced Noah's name; it is something that many parents can only imagine and we are grateful even under these circumstances.

  • Thank you to the families who cheered for our graduate too.

  • Thank you to the PHS staff person who presented the graduation gift box to us with much-needed hugs and kind words.

  • Thank you to Noah's friends who included him at their own graduations with wristbands and pictures.

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